Missouri Valley Section

Institute of Transportation Engineers

Starting a Chapter

Step 1

In accordance with the standard Section Charter, prepare a letter to the Section Chairperson requesting that a charter be issued for the proposed Chapter specifying the boundaries. The letter must be signed by at least five ITE voting members residing within the proposed subsection boundaries. In addition to the signatures, please provide names either printed or typed. It is preferable to obtain the signatures of the majority of the members residing within the boundaries of the proposed subsection.

Step 2

Once a charter is granted by the Section, Bylaws must be drafted and sent to the Section for review and approval. The Bylaws must not be in conflict with the Institute’s Constitution, District Charter, District Bylaws or Section Bylaws and Charter, or its own Charter. Sample Bylaws are available from the International Headquarters Office.

Step 3

Initiate the activities of the Chapter providing a forum for the exchange of technical information, to advance professional development, to stimulate research, and to develop public awareness.

Sample Bylaws, charters and petition forms can be found on the District 4 web site.

Contact the MOVITE President for more information about starting a chapter within the MOVITE section.

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